INSIGHT is Mauritius’ first-ever youth newspaper, by and about youth. It was started by a group of students at the University of Mauritius in 2008.

INSIGHT is available, for free, in all tertiary institutions, 126 secondary schools (private and public) and youth centres in Mauritius.

INSIGHT is a cradle and an incubator. It is a catalyst to uphold Freedom of Speech within Mauritius for young people. INSIGHT ambition is to assist in the creation and sustenance of a solid and cogent open voice. The open voice is now more important than it has ever been in this cyber island. We are happy to bring our brick to building this tower for the future of all of our mates. Beyond open voice, INSIGHT also insists on the other criterion, that is solution which is often a product of conviction, consistency and of course a quest for excellence, bench marked by the Mauritian population. The publications of INSIGHT contain the fruits of the efforts of not only seasoned collaborators, but, perhaps more crucially, those of youth novices, hesitantly submitting a first poem or other piece of work. As such, the sponsoring partners in the second category are undoubtedly pleased to see their involvement being duly established; this persuade them to persevere in boosting up INSIGHT.